Asp net requiredfieldvalidator not validating

any solution i have also added a custom validator with the email field Private Sub ux Email Val Unique_Server Validate(By Val source As Object, By Val args As System. Another reasonable approach could be to enable the client-side validator for the most basic requirements, and disable it for the Custom Validator.

The message would appear for all of them (if appropriate) every time you submit the form.

The Required Field Validator is actually very simple, and yet very useful.

which will make it not call the client side validation.Anyway probabily you have not specify Validation Group="Valtxt" for the button or the control that raise the postback. "Objects" do not have an "id" - do you mean names for variables? Or, perhaps you mean the "id" attribute of an element? Do you mean any elements on the page with the same id will break validation?They will be informed it is incorrect after clicking the submit button, however they should be informed straight away.A follow-up to my previous answer: Validation occurs in the onchange event, rather than the onblur.

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FYI: Your Validation Expression does not look right at all. Also, you need to reference the beginning and end of the string to ensure that all characters are taken into account.

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