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refits the Magnet Warriors into new Electromagnet Warriors that attract each other from the hand, Deck, and Graveyard, and combine into the mighty Beserkion the Electromagna Warrior!Duelists can play these new cards on their own, but if they use them with the original Valkyrion the Magna Warrior, also included in this Structure Deck, they can Summon the new Imperion Magnum the Superconductive Battlebot!He also reconstructed Kaiba to make him a semi-lead character and rival to Yugi. However, the comparison between Seto Kaiba and the deity Set goes beyond the name.

Seto Kaiba is based on a collectible card games player whom a friend of Kazuki Takahashi met.Two years have passed since the Ceremonial Duel, and everyone's lives continued in a monotonous pattern. And what's so amazing about this person that his creator is so obsessed with him?Yugi dropped out of school and spends his time at local teashops. Atem welcomed it all, Kaiba's desperate need, his starved vehemence. They both had been waiting for what might have been an eternity.*Short quick fic for a tag on tumblr that asked for Prideshipping throne sex with Atem being the one who's sitting on the throne~ "This man with hair too much like his own, and an attitude too reversed, too rehearsed to be real.Seto Kaiba, genius Duelist that he is, built his Deck using monsters that could change into Equip Spells to power up and protect each other!As if that wasn’t enough, those very same cards could also fuse together to create a wide variety of Fusion Monsters without the need for a Polymerization card!

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