Paulina gretzky dating dustin johnson

Representatives for Wayne and Paulina Gretzky did not respond to requests for comment.Last week, Johnson, 30, suddenly announced that he was taking a voluntary leave of absence from the PGA tour to “seek professional help for personal challenges.” The PGA later insisted that despite allegations to the contrary, he was not suspended.Johnson and Paulina Gretzky started dating in 2012 and got engaged in August 2013.In January, it was announced that the two were planning a fall 2014 wedding, but in May, Gretzky told Golf Digest that they had postponed the ceremony, citing Johnson’s busy schedule.Rahm is in the mix after an opening round of 1-over-par at wind-swept Augusta.

The couple has the potential to be the new faces of the sport, and Cahill already has her fair share of Instagram admirers.While not everyone draws reactions from their work clothes, Gulbis certainly looks good in hers.Whether she's shooting a magazine spread in a bathing suit or just smacking golf balls off the tee, she always looks good.In 2000, she appeared in a short film In God We Trust for her role as Pink girl.In 2010, Paulina appeared in the reality TV show Pretty Wild as herself (friend) in an episode titled “The Arrest”. Paulina is known for her fitness, besides other things.

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She also eat pizzas, cheeseburgers and other junk food, but the key is to eat in moderation.

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