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The i Phone's Genius feature creates playlists of songs that sound great together.Just give Genius a song to start and you'll get a collection of 25 songs that i Tunes thinks to compliment each other.The process will take more or less time depending on the size of your library.

You simply have to select a certain song, and the Genius will create a playlist of songs based on the song you chose.

When you refresh a Genius playlist, you lose the previous version of that playlist.

You can also rearrange the songs in the Genius playlist by dragging them.

The i Tunes Genius feature offers i Tunes users two great features: automatically generated playlists from their libraries that sound great, and the ability to discover new music at the i Tunes Store based on the music they already like.

In order to use these features, though, you need to set up i Tunes Genius. You'll need to agree to Apple's legal terms for Genius to continue the setup process.

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