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However, I look very young for my age and act even younger and am not willing to throw the towel in on men.So, my question is, what is the dating/mating scene like for an attractive, educated middle aged woman in Atlanta?If you're more of the passive type waiting for people to 'set you up' (not that there's anything wrong with this) you may find it more difficult as the city is so spread out so stuff is not right in front of you (like in New York, Boston or Chicago). I am Retired, good looking, straight, honest and widowed. I think we all tend to forget sometimes that we have to put ourselves out there in order to be seen.So, people tend to be in their cars more, stay at home more because it takes long to go from place to place. I reiterate the point that if you're an interesting person and put yourself in situations where you'll meet other like minded individuals (High Museum, Alliance Theater, Improv Classes, Wine Tastings, Film Groups, Pottery, Weekend Projects) you'll probably be in luck. But atlanta is an easy city to get lazy in so know this going in and you'll be fine. If you are good looking, straight,non smokimg, slim and fun. (No one comes and knocks on our door to meet us, do they?

I know I’m not the only woman who has ended up in her 50’s and dating again.Safety advice Dating is fun but to ensure you do it in the safest way possible we have put together some golden rules to help you get the most out of your online dating journey.Get dating advice and anecdotes from our very own Match bloggers on all things relationships!Here’s a few pointers and helpful reminders to get you started:1.Your Profile Photo This is your chance to be in the spotlight!

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