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Two hours later, around p.m., they were driving westbound on Highway 466 (now called State Route 46), when a 1950 Ford Tutor pulled out in front of them.Twenty-three-year-old Donald Turnupseed, who was driving the Ford Tutor, has been traveling east on Highway 466 and was attempting to make a left turn onto Highway 41. (Both of these films were released after Dean's death.)As Dean's movie career began to "take off," James Dean also started to race cars.Dean had the car specialized by having the number "130" painted on both the front and back.I made sure they knew I was going to tell the truth if anybody asked me about it." PHOTOS: Celebrity sex tape scandals He continued: "So we shoot the movie, and as we're leaving her hotel room, some paparazzo takes our picture. ' ' Shooting a porno.' And that's when the f--king drama train hit." The "drama train," as Deen calls it, involved Abraham publicly slamming her partner in the porn flick for talking about what she said was a "personal sex tape." She claimed the X-rated video was for her own use -- though that didn't stop her from selling it to porn company Vivid Entertainment for an amount in the "high six figures." PHOTOS: Celebs who've played porn stars Of course, Abraham wasn't Deen's first ride on the drama train. When we left the bar together, she was drunk, so I drove her home because I was sober and she has a bad history with that. The next day I get a call from TMZ asking if I was dating Farrah Abraham. The actor also found himself the target of unwanted attention when he costarred with Lindsay Lohan in Paul Schrader's "During the Lindsay drama, I got a firsthand lesson in how tabloids spin a story. End of story." PHOTOS: Celebrity sex confessions Deen said if he had his choice of A-listers, he'd pick Halle Berry or Charlize Theron -- based on looks, at least. Sixty years after James Dean’s fatal car crash a shocking new biography reveals the insatiable libido and tormented psyche of the Rebel Without A Cause star who slept his way to the top in Hollywood.“He would sleep with anybody to get ahead,” says Darwin Porter, author of James Dean – Tomorrow Never Comes.“He had three or four conquests each week and though he wasn’t the most handsome man, didn’t have a great body, had two false front teeth and was often rude, women and men threw themselves at him.

He lived fast, died young and left a corpse mangled beyond recognition.

Related Story: Exclusive: ‘James Bond’ Star Roger Moore Reflects on Friends, Family & Finding Love Again As his affinity for acting grew, James headed to Hollywood in search of stardom.

It was there that he met Pier, a gorgeous Italian actress who has shooting another movie on the Warner Bros.

'" Lew tells ‘Closer.’ “James said, ‘No, we’ll find wives, and our children will grow up as best friends,’ He was thinking of the future, and he had this whole scenario, like a Hollywood movie, mapped out,” Lew added.

But when James died in a car crash in 1955 at the age of 24, those dreams were shattered, along with the hearts of his many adoring fans. (Photo Credit: Getty) Now, nearly 60 years later, his loved ones share some of their most intimate memories of the icon, including the truth about the love of his life, Pier Angeli, and what might have happened if James hadn’t lost his life on that fateful day.

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And the star of Giant and East Of Eden was an equal-opportunity lover indulging in flings with Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Steve Mc Queen, Rock Hudson and Spencer Tracy.

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