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The word restaurant, which is of French origin, also tripped up many British people.Cesar Mascaraque, from Ask.com, said: "With so much rapid communication these days, it seems people often spell words incorrectly in emails and text messages without really bothering too much."However, when it comes to formal letters and even job applications, they need to get the correct spellings in place."Perhaps people are putting less emphasis on correct spellings in everyday communication these days, but as a consequence their spelling is suffering." The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.The table gives the correct spelling of the word, handy tips on getting it right, and also the most common misspellings that we’ve found in our research, so you can check to see if any of the same mistakes have been tripping you up.This web page will help you better understand many of the words of the english language. The Goals 2000: Educate America Act, national school reform legislation signed into law by President Clinton on March 31, 1994, specifies important goals and principles applicable to all students. Romano Education reforms designed to improve educational results for all students have been initiated at federal and state levels throughout the 1990s.

The list was drawn from a review of state policy documents developed by the 47 states currently administering state assessments.

We create for our customers a tool that will help you correct the most common mistakes of the english language and synonyms of our language.

Allowing specific accommodations gives all students a level “playing field,” and allows the student with disabilities an equal opportunity to prosper academically and contribute to society.

Spellers also commonly thought that embarrass was written as embarass, embarras and embaress.

Hundreds of people are also confused by the letter order of eighth and the silent "p" in receipt.

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For patterns of substituted words, you might mention the word the student needs or indicate a dictionary or a grammar handbook chapter that will explain the differences.

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