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"She's with someone who loves and cares for her," Arquette said. Cox, 49, and Van Holt, 44, were first rumored to be dating in June 2013, about six months after they allegedly got together.

"That's all I care about.""She's the most brilliant, beautiful friend that I've ever met," he added. During an October 2010 radio interview with Stern, however, Arquette claimed that his then-wife and her costar were having "an emotional affair" the set of their sitcom.

Cox, who says she excels at giving advice, shares her outlook on life, her very own cougar commandments: Rule #1: Be your own biggest fan Cox smirks when she's asked who her favorite cougar is. It's pretty gutsy." Rule #5: Offer sound advice Before Cox became mom to 5-year-old Coco, she was the person kissing where it hurts and making it all better.

Hollywood is always on a quest for the impossible: to stay forever young.

"Then I forgot it was a horror film where you shoot mostly nights, and then I was like: 'What am I thinking? ' It was fun when we were crazy and partying and being wild, but now it'd be a little different, huh? He's very unique," she says, dragging out the last word and pausing a few beats.

" The 45-year-old actress — whose last foray into comedy network television was NBC's fan favorite Friends— found it with ABC's Cougar Town (Wednesdays, ET/PT). "But don't get me wrong: He's not always the nicest person in the world. He's impatient, but that's because his brain is just going.

The series averages about 9.8 million viewers each week, numbers that led ABC to reward the show with a full-season pickup last week. She looks so good that you have no idea how old she is." Rule #2: Embrace your age Shaving years off of your age is an old Hollywood trick; Cox doesn't do it. "It's very hard to find a star of her level that is willing to be so shameless and put such a magnifying glass on herself this way," Lawrence says.After graduating from Mountain Brook High School, Cox left for Mount Vernon College in Washington, D.C., but did not complete her architecture course, opting instead to pursue a career in modeling and acting. Her early film roles include Masters of the Universe (1987), Cocoon: The Return (1988), and I'll Be Home for Christmas (1988).(Arquette once told Howard Stern that his ex and Van Holt were having "an emotional affair.") PHOTOS: Courteney and David, the way they were The source adds that Cox is more comfortable taking her relationship with Van Holt out in the open now that Arquette has moved on with girlfriend Christina Mc Larty. On July 10, the costars "acted like boyfriend and girlfriend" during dinner at West Hollywood's Chi Lin, a witness tells Us.PHOTOS: Courteney's sweetest moments with daughter Coco Van Holt is also tight with Cox's pals and, more importantly, with her daughter.

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